Buyer Credit Reward

Let us be your guide. Earn a Buyer Credit Reward at closing.

Cash in with the RentSucks Buyer Credit Reward*

Enjoy a Buyer Credit Reward for buying a home with a local agent that connects you with.

Let our team work with you to find you a Realtor® & Lender who fits your needs and knows your market.

*Not available in all areas. Minimum purchase price of $125K. Buyer reward amount is based on the final home sales price at closing and varies by market.

Restrictions, terms and conditions apply.
In order to be eligible to participate in the Buyer Credit Rewards, you must do all of the following:


(a) Submit an inquiry on the website, via an inquiry form that expressly mentions the Buyer Credit Rewards program;


(b) Submit an inquiry on the website, via an inquiry form that does not expressly mention the Buyer Credit Rewards program and then subsequently speak to a member of concierge team over the phone regarding such an inquiry, and affirmatively agree to participate in the Buyer Credit Rewards program.

In the event that you submit an inquiry on the website, via an inquiry form that does not expressly mention the Buyer Credit Rewards and do not affirmatively agree to participate in the Buyer Credit Rewards when speaking over the phone with a member of concierge team, you will not be eligible to participate in the Buyer Credit Rewards.

Speak to a RentSucks advisor  over the phone and allow them to connect you with a local REALTOR® to assist you with your home search. If the agent with whom they originally connect you with is not a good fit, you may have the concierge team connect you with a new agent and still remain eligible for the Buyer Credit Rewards.

Purchase a home in an eligible area with a closing price of at least $125,000 with the assistance of the agent with whom the concierge team connected you (or that agent’s broker) within twenty-four (24) months after the date on which you submitted your original Buyer Credit Rewards inquiry or responded affirmatively when asked by the concierge team member if you would like to participate in the Buyer Credit Rewards program.


Sign the Buyer Credit Rewards Agreement before being connected with a local REALTOR®. The buyer will agree in writing, to have officially refer the buyer to a local REALTOR® in the buyer’s local market.

Sign a Residential Buyer’s Representation agreement with the local REALTOR® that the concierge team referred you (the buyer) to.


At the closing of your home, the local REALTOR® will contribute the Buyer Credit Reward of .45% of the sales price amount to the buyer’s closing costs. will negotiate this amount upon the signed & executed referral agreement between & the local REALTOR®.


Buyer Credit Reward credit contribution is subject to lender approval, broker approval and seller cooperation. We cannot guarantee lender approval, broker approval or seller cooperation.


Buyer Credit Reward is available on home purchases only; sales, leases and other transaction are not eligible. Limit: One (1) Buyer Credit Rewards transaction per individual, regardless of number of inquiries submitted or homes purchased. Buyer Credit Regards is available only in certain limited areas. Buyer Credit Rewards is not available where prohibited by law (including Alabama, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma, Oregon, and Tennessee) or anywhere else where we choose not to offer it.


In order for you to be eligible to receive your Buyer Credit Reward contribution amount, your agent and/or your agent’s broker must sign the Real Estate Referral Agreement form before you sign a buyer’s representation agreement with the local Real Estate agent/and or your agent’s broker. If all of the above eligibility requirements are met, you can generally expect to receive your Buyer Credit Reward contribution from the local REALTOR® and/or your agent’s broker part of the commission upon the closing of your home. Note: The Buyer must verify that the buyer is receiving the agreed .45% credit contribution before closing. This amount should show as a financial contribution from the agent or agent’s broker commission on the Closing Disclosure, which should be distributed to the buyer at least 3 days prior to the closing date.


By participating in the Buyer Credit Rewards program, you agree to be bound by all provisions of our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


Buyer Credit Rewards available only when working with a State Licensed REALTOR in which the buyer is purchasing a home. reserves the right to change, modify or no longer offer this Buyer Credit Reward at any time.

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