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Owning a home begins with having a vision and making the decision.

Freddy Rodriguez – CEO of RE/MAX Top Realty

Freddy Rodriguez, Broker/Owner of RE/MAX Top Realty, has been in the real estate arena for over 17 years.  He’s helped many people achieve their dreams of home ownership and is now focused to help link up buyers with the best REALTORS and Lenders to achieve the American Dream. 

During the recent pandemic, he was moved when a news clip made reference to people not being able to make their rent because of the Covid-19 pandemic. The immediate thought in Freddy’s mind was that “Rent Sucks” because there’s no way for renters to build equity & wealth or have a place they own by leasing. The birth of rentsucks.com then came to fruition in order to help renters become HomeOwners. 

Freddy’s mission with rentsucks.com is to help people, be a positive influence, and to link buyers with the best REALTORS and Loan Officers for professional representation and guidance. 

Make no mistake, Freddy is a true Rent Hater and will do everything he can to help people own their own home, save money, and have the create a wonderful home buying experience. 

Stop Renting. Start Owning.™


Buying a Home Begins Here.

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rentsucks.com is an online resource for first-time homebuyers with the goal to save the buyer money and make the home-buying experience as easy and efficient as possible. With a system dedicated to matching home buyers with experienced REALTORS® and Lenders, rentsucks.com aims to guide buyers through the process from start to finish.

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