Why Rent Sucks?

Rent Sucks…for the most part.

Why Rent Sucks?

Let’s face it, everyone has an opinion on renting vs buying and we’re not here to persuade or dissuade you from doing either. We understand that everyone has different needs, desires, circumstances, and goals. Hence, it is our intent to become your trusted source and help guide you to make the best educated and well-informed decision in order to accomplish your Real Estate goals & objectives.

Renting VS Buying

Let’s be up front. For the most part, Renting sucks, because:

  • It gives you a 0% chance of earning a Return on your hard-earned money.
  • There is a 100% chance of your rent becoming an expense and sunk cost.
  • Paying rent won’t give you the chance to build Equity and/or Wealth.
  • Ownership will give you the ability and opportunity to begin building wealth.

When Renting Makes Sense

Let’s be up front, again. Renting may make better sense when:

  • You need place to live for a short period of time and only need to stay temporarily.
  • When you aren’t quite yet in a position to purchase a home or investment property.
  • Life happens and the timing just isn’t right.

What our clients say about us

  • RentSucks definitely looks out for the buyer. I really wanted to buy a house and the agent advised against it because of a foundation issue that no else caught. Although devastated, I was grateful my agent advised against a bad purchase.
    Maurice Abbas

Stop Renting. Start Owning.™  

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